About Us

The first ring of our chain in the healthcare sector has roots in 1997. We are proud to pioneer a transformation in the field of healthcare thanks to our physical and technological infrastructure and to provide all patients with quality and safe healthcare services that are tailored to the needs of each patient. All these services are provided by 450 doctors in 6 fully equipped hospitals and 2 medical centers, which are founded at outstanding locations of Istanbul and offer total capacity of 1230 beds. Moreover, the Group also has a fully equipped, 100-bed hospital at Gönyeli, Nicosia / Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Kolan Hospital Group aims to provide everybody with reliable services, which are tailored to physical and mental health and combined with quality by expert, dynamic and good-humored physicians and other healthcare personnel round the clock at affordable conditions. While our target is to enlarge this chain in the healthcare sector in one hand, we set higher goals on the other hand, since we believe that no limit can be drawn for technology, development, improvement and on-site training. We also make efforts to help management of health problems, while we develop and improve by closely following technological advancements. We and our well-trained staff regard all patients as a member of our family and we all aim to restore your healthy status again within the shortest time possible.

Kolan Hospital Group