In Vitro Fertilization Center

The most important two steps of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) therapies are experience and trust. Experience is vitally important in both clinical and laboratory practices for accurately diagnosing the underlying cause(s) of the infertility (female, male or both) and for planning the patient-specific treatment approaches. Inaccurate treatment plans, especially for women, may cause severe health problems and even death (such as the risk of OHSS in ovulation induction or postoperative complications) beyond the waste of money, time and hopes. Therefore, it is important that you should consider some important factors when you choose the clinic; you also need to take into account the experience of the laboratory team.

In our In Vitro Fertilization Units, your expectations will be met by our team with experience of thousands of cases.

Trust problems are common in in vitro fertilization therapies, because most patients are not sufficiently informed before and after the treatment; concrete verbal, written or visual information is not provided enough to  make them trust. If a facility wants to build trust, it will need an experienced team that closely follows the scientific novelties, cutting edge devices/equipment and laboratory conditions that comply with international quality standards; in other words, the facility should be first self-confident. In our facility that meets all those prerequisites, you will be clearly and honestly informed at every stage of your treatment and scientifically satisfactory answers will be given to your questions. Comparing to other medical treatments, psychological condition is much more important for in vitro fertilization therapies and therefore, the confidence in the facility is the most remarkable contribution of the patient to the success of the treatment; we will do our best to make you help us, as you have confidence in us.